• 2019


             Approved as a job apprentice base for college graduates in Hefei High-tech Zone
              Once again participated in the Munich Shanghai Expo
            Selected as a “Gazelle Cultivation Enterprise” in Hefei High-tech Zone

  • 2018


    9        Approved the establishment of the “post-doctoral research station” in Anhui Province
    9       Released the electric cooling camera TTS71MCL-4M with a resolution of up to 71 million pixels
    6        Launched the new office location of Yanzihe Road in Hefei High-tech Zone, and fully upgraded the research and production environment
    3        I-TEK Optoelectronics participated in the Shanghai Munich Optical Fair for thefirst time and received favorable comments from the industry




  • 2017


    8        The ultra-high-speed camera XS1MCL-4KM/C with frame rate up to 4000fps was successfully developed
    6       Released the 48 million pixel resolution camera TS50MCL-15M and successfully applied in scientific research

  • 2016


    7        Hefei Science and Technology Bureau approved the establishment of Hefei High-speed Machine Vision Imaging Engineering Technology Research Center
    6        Released the first Vulcan-CL series PCIe Camera Link image acquisition card
    4       Released the TS series of five high-speed surface scanning cameras with a maximum frame rate of 340fps at full resolution

  • 2015


    7        Dr. Dong Ning, the general manager of the province, was awarded the “First Batch of Provincial Special Support Programs” in Anhui Province.

    4        Released 29 million high resolution CCD camera HS29MCL-4M

  • 2014


    10        Received the title of “Technology Little Giant Cultivation Enterprise” in Hefei High-tech Zone
    7          Received the “Science and Technology SME Technology Innovation Fund” project of the Ministry of Science and Technology
    6          Released the first RGB true color line scanning camera PA7KCL-8KC 
    5          Approved by “Software Enterprise”

  • 2013


    7        Dr. Tang Shiyue was awarded the title of “Strategic Emerging Industry Technology Leading Talent” in Anhui Province
    5        Dong Ning General Manager was supported by Hefei City “Hundred Talents Program”
    4        Harvested the first single order of more than one million 

  • 2012


    7        Completed the first software product registration and released the first enterprise standard
    4        Released the line scan camera PA8192CL-40KM with the high resolution and  line frequency in China
    3        Passed the national high-tech enterprise certification

  • 2011


    11        The company first harvested the company's first invention patent, utility model patent and software copyright.
    5          Launched Eco-first product TAME-200SC-25A intelligent traffic camera
    3          Formally established in Hefei High-tech Zone